What we Offer

India Personalised Travel Guide – What we Offer

So what do we offer:-

  • Help to plan and arrange trips for small groups of one to a maximum of eight people.
  • Help to put together a personalised tour – you say what you would like to do and Shamim will put together a draft itinerary for you, through to booking your trip for you.
  • Help to organise vehicles with drivers from reliable companies. Ensuring the vehicles have seat belts etc.
  • Be met at Delhi airport by your driver and transport, who will transport you during your trip.
  • Help source suitable accommodation.
  • Support you when in India by mobile phone. This is where your group is given a mobile phone, with Shamim’s telephone number – you can contact her if you need to communicate with someone who does not speak English, or if you are having any problems.

In Delhi

Shamim lives in Delhi and knows the city well. We have encouraged Shamim to help others as she has very successfully helped us with our India holidays.

  • A mornings shopping trip in Delhi – Introduce Indian handicrafts from different Indian states and watch artisans at work – this is a personalised guided tour by Shamim.
  • Coordinate Heritage walks in Delhi organised by INTACH – (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage) / Conservation Society of India. Not the run of the mill tourist guides, but experts/historians conduct these .
  • Arrange tickets/schedule to cultural performances/shows (like live Indian music, dance, theatre). Delhi frequently hosts free Music in the Park shows by renowned Indian musicians – not hindi songs that non-indians cannot understand but instruments like sitar, flute, tabla. Cultural centre’s host weekend evening music shows.
  • Guide through leading Art galleries – to see/buy works of upcoming painters/sculptors – this is a personalised guided tour by Shamim.
  • If you have a special requirement we will see if we can help, just let us know.

Who is the other part of this team? Well James has been to India three times now and Kathleen has been twice on an India holiday. We have fallen in love with India as a holiday destination, as it has so much to offer. We can give you our first hand knowledge based on our experiences and also you have some one in the west to talk if you are unsure about anything, before you go.

So what do you do next?

1. Tell us what you would like us to do

  • Let us know what you are thinking of doing.
  • If you do not have a specific idea, put together a wish list and we will get back to you with ideas.
  • Give us an idea of how long you would like your trip to last.
  • Have you been to India before or is it your first trip.
  • Let us know any particular likes and dislikes.
  • The better the picture you can give us, the better will be our advice.

2. We will put together some ideas for you, with no obligations.

3. Once you have an itinerary that you are happy with – We will put some rough costing’s against it, with no obligation.

4. If you are happy with 3 above, we will supply you with the detailed program and costs – we will go ahead and make all the bookings once we receive payment.

To e-mail us your India travel enquiry, please Contact Us