Big Hotels to small Safari Camp accommodation in India

India has big luxury western style hotels with the prices to match, to smaller gre
at value hotels in the suburbs, safari lodges, Eco-camps and government run rest houses.

The quality is hugely variable, you have to be cautious when choosing your accommodation. Even some accommodation listed in guide books, can be suspect.

Baths and showers – Again you have to approach accommodation in India with an attitude that this is not the west. Baths if you find them, often are not functional as there is not enough hot water to fill them. Water is a scarce resource. Showers will almost always have a large plastic bucket, and a plastic pint jug in them. So you can fill up the bucket with hot water and use the pint jug to pour the water over yourself before soaping down, then more pint jugs of warm water to rinse off. Most showers will have an electric geyser you have to switch
on when you want a shower or a wash. Showers will work most of the time, but be prepared to have to use the plastic bucket and pint jug too.

Accommodation – A note of caution for those who have booked accommodation in advance, the driver may go into your chosen accommodation, and come back and say they are full, and there is no room. This is a ruse to try and get you to stay at an accommodation provider that gives the driver a cut of your accommodation costs. Go in and check for yourself, also make sure they do not hike up the price, as they may try to do. Hold firm with your e-mail agreements.

Accommodation Tips

We would strongly suggest you take toilet paper with you, as it is often not supplied. A camping sleeping bag sheet is also a useful thing to take. This ensures that you sleep each night in your own sheets top and bottom.