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This website is our India tourist guide for those who want to read first hand experiences from people who have traveled in India from the United Kingdom. We will tell you about National Parks we have visited as Explore India. We will share our experiences, to help you gain the most out of your trip to this wonderful country.

There will be tips on eating and how not to suffer from stomach upsets for which the India subcontinent is renowned. We provide you with travel tips gained as a tourist in India from our own experiences.

India is a wonderful country, but travel there expecting a totally different experience to what you expect at home. Do not think European standards or ways of life, for this is not Europe.

For the tourist in India there are a
whole set of new experiences, our recommendation is to open yourself up to these, but be sensible in how you eat, travel and where you go. Like any country it has its 'no go' areas.

While India has a wealth of wildlife and many National Parks, we will only report on those we actually visit as a tourist from Scotland. Our first experience of a wildlife park was a visit in February 1996 to the Corbett National Park the well known tiger sanctuary first designated a reserve by the British in 1934

We welcome your feedback as a tourist in India, if you have first hand knowledge and would like us to add your content to this web site, please send us photos and text.


The India Tourist Guide by Explore Scotland.